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Your digital CX can make or break your business

The Glassbox digital experience analytics platform gives you cutting-edge digital capabilities that enable you to deliver better user journeys to power your business growth.

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Master your digital assets

Now that your customers have moved online and are embracing mobile with increasing speed, it’s never been more important for organizations to ensure that their websites and mobile apps operate optimally and deliver fantastic user journeys.

They also need to use the data their business generates, analyzing every user session to personalize customer journeys and drive greater engagement.

Engineers need performance analytics to measure reliability. Product managers want to know how to improve engagement and conversion rates. Customer service reps want to pinpoint the source of an issue so they can resolve user struggles.

Here’s how Glassbox helps.

100% data capture 100% of the time
Visualize the customer journey
Analyze to optimize
Elevate digital experiences
100% data capture 100% of the time

Capture every moment of every user session on all your platforms, with no tagging required.

Capture every moment of every user session on all your platforms, with no tagging required.

Understand how your users interact with your website and mobile app, and share those visualizations with colleagues across the organization for better collaboration.

Interrogate behavioral data to identify ways to improve engagement, personalize experiences and create frictionless digital journeys.

Measure the financial benefits of journey enhancements. Understand which journeys are the most important, and prioritize work that will deliver the greatest impact.

One platform adding value to many industries

Modern organizations rely on optimizing the digital experience to delight customers, improve engagement, boost conversion, and grow the business. Glassbox delivers benefits for a wide range of industries, and is the ideal solution for any company with a digital footprint.

One version of the digital truth for all teams

Creating frictionless digital journeys is the responsibility of multiple departments. Everyone from engineering to product and marketing has a part to play—which is why it’s crucial to align all teams behind one version of the digital truth. Glassbox gives you just that.

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Visa CAL streamlines their credit card application process

"With Glassbox, we found the full root cause of the issue, including communication with the server.”
Ofer GoldbergHead of Digital Services

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