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Session replay tools are the key to quickly assessing what customers want

The moment individuals click on a website, enter an app, or accesses any online marketplace, their digital customer journey has been created. The resulting journey, every link click, every pause over a piece of product information, and every decision to purchase or abandon the cart, can be replayed and analyzed. What exactly it is that makes a customer more inclined to purchase a product or service? What makes them decide to click on to a competitor’s page instead? Knowing what is working and what’s gone wrong in the customer journey is incredibly important for increasing your customer base while also maintaining the loyalty of existing customers. Session replay tools can help you have a greater-than-ever understanding of the customer journey, but uncertainty about the difficulty and time investment for setting up a replay solution can give some businesses pause.

Not all session replay tools are the same

Any company that provides a technology that can accurately sift through big data for smarter customer experiences will try to tell you that their solution is easy to set up. But this is simply not the case. Not all session replay tools are built the same. Some providers rely on a complicated set of tags that have to be set up before their solution can be accurately deployed. Understanding these tags, and properly enabling them, can be time-consuming and frustrating. It’s certainly not a user-friendly set-up process. Glassbox’s solution requires only a single tag for a quick, seamless deployment that is completed almost in the blink of an eye.

How quick is quick?

Once you’ve realized the value of session replay data, it’s frustrating to think of how much user journey analysis you’re missing out on while you wait for deployment to be completed. So how long does it really take to deploy Glassbox?

When one of the top 10 largest financial institutions in America approached us for deployment, it took less than two months from the initial decision to implement Glassbox, to having the system fully operational across 18 servers, for 40 internal users and 80 million monthly website sessions.

Two months is longer than the blink of an eye, that’s true. But that included a planning period, the client procuring and setting up hardware, training, and two different two-week testing periods, among other things. Because no time was wasted on complicated tags, the client had all the time they needed to get their team up to speed and to ensure that everything was configured to best meet their needs.

Understanding the user journey doesn’t have to be complicated. Don’t waste your time on a complicated multi-tag deployment process with a high margin for error. Choose a solution that can track 100% of your traffic with a single tag, offers web and mobile analytics in a single platform, and provide instant replay of every customer session. Simple, streamlined, efficient. That’s what Glassbox offers.

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