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Help your IT department to help you

It is essential to understand the correlation between infrastructure performance and customer experience to see the full picture.

The relationship between server components and digital performance (web & mobile)

As we all know IT is indispensable to business operations, the responsibility of an IT manager is to ensure that her department provides robust support to the business by using dependable technology (hardware and software). In our digital economy, if IT fails, the business fails.

The IT department is responsible for multiple technical infrastructure components, including network, systems, virtualization, storage and so on. In the Network sits a host (aka, a “server”) that provides a service (web and mobile) to visitors (that access the web and mobile services on what is called a “client”). A server has many health components such as CPU, memory, fan etc.

How does this affect your CRO?

In other words, the service provided by the host is critical to UX because if a single component is down i.e. a fan (which cools the server from being overheated), the client (visitor/customer) may have a negative experience on your site or mobile app in the form of an unresponsive page or mobile app crash.


Server-side data is crucial in conjunction with client-side data, so you can understand the full picture of your customer’s digital experience. By having server-side data, you can identify performance and availability issues, understand how they impact online customer journeys and alert your IT colleagues for a speedy resolution.

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