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What’s in a brand?

We’ve seen a lot of interest over the last year in the digital experience analytics space as companies across sectors invest in their digital channels to serve customers during the pandemic lockdown. Many of those customer behaviors are here to stay, and organizations must continue to optimize their mobile apps and websites to stay competitive. 

At Glassbox, we’re on a mission to help organizations create frictionless digital journeys. Today, we took a new step as part of that commitment—we’ve officially launched our new brand identity and website. We want to convey more directly who we are—a leading-edge company that understands your needs, is authentic, innovative and constantly moving forward.

Starting today, you’ll see our new logo, design, messages and more represented across our online channels including our website, social media and beyond. It’s not just a makeover, but a better representation of who we are. The colors reflect the energy of our global team. The visual brand elements of a circle embody the 360-degree view of the customer journey that our users are seeking, and the wave illustrates that the journey can shift but continue forward.

We intend to carry our momentum forward after a busy and successful 2020, proudly adding some of the biggest and most successful companies in the world as our customers. Our hope is that you have a renewed curiosity in learning more about all the buzz being created by Glassbox. 

Upcoming Webinar: The Future of Experience Analytics

Join Glassbox co-founder and CTO Yaron Gueta for a webinar on Tuesday, March 23 at 12 EDT as he explores today’s experience analytics landscape—both opportunities and challenges—and unveils what the next generation of experience analytics will look like so you can design a future-ready digital roadmap. Reserve your spot today.


The Future of Experience Analytics

Join Glassbox CTO Yaron Gueta as he explores today's experience analytics landscape – both opportunities and challenges.

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