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Digital customer experience solutions for telecoms in 2020

How is the telecommunications industry expected to change in 2020 and throughout the next decade? As technology advances and global connectivity becomes more important than ever, creating meaningful, impactful customer relationships is the most important area to focus on when seeking to maintain a strong business. Having a network of loyal customers is crucial to success, and digital customer experience solutions can play a significant role in maintaining a positive experience for clients. In order to develop a reputation as an industry leader in telecommunications, it’s not enough to deliver a quality service – the quality of your communications with stakeholders must also be completely above reproach. 

Developing strategies for client retention

Prioritizing your clients’ experience isn’t always simple or straightforward, but it is a vital part of ensuring strong relationships and retaining customers for your business. Utilizing a digital journey framework can take all of the guesswork out of the process by allowing your team direct insights into what your customers are experiencing on their end – making it easy to identify broken links, barriers to completing a transaction, or other points of frustration that aren’t always easily visible on the backend of your site. Experience analytics can help organizations identify and highlight trends in the data, allowing leaders to strategically pinpoint which areas to improve for the most significant impact. Digital customer experience solutions such as session replay tools provide a look behind the curtain and directly into the clients’ journey through your website or mobile applications. 

Key features for telecommunications professionals

How can the right features in digital customer experience solutions help your telecommunications business soar to new heights? The right platform puts everything you need right at your fingertips, including: 

  • Automatic captures of each customer interaction on your site, available for instant replay to review in case of complaint or historical data study, complete with automated customer journey mapping to show you the most common pathways through your site. 
  • Visual insights that showcase the latest data and trends, without requiring complex number crunching or cumbersome database searches. 
  • Crash analysis that provides insight into who is affected and the dollars lost each time your mobile application fails. 
  • Funnel creation that actually works for you, based on any criteria your business needs – including geographic location, demographic, traffic source, operating system, device, and more. If your telecommunications business is serving customers worldwide, you need to be able to identify the key issues and needs of customers in each region you serve, and the latest technology can make that process simple and painless. 
  • Automatic indexing, flexible exporting, and open platform integration are also key features that can help reduce administrative frustration and keep information from being siloed within your organization. 

By investing in the right software, your business can proactively solve customer problems before they become serious issues and keep your growth on track with your goals in 2020.

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